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Join Felicia, a Yin Yoga instructor and Reiki Master who completed the Functional Nutrition for Pelvic Pain program with The Integrative Women’s Health Institute, for a 3-part, seasonal hormone balancing series to transform your energy!

Functional nutrition is the belief that most chronic disease is preventable and most reversible with an individualized, integrative approach addressing genetics, diet, nutrition, environmental exposures, stress, exercise and psycho-spiritual needs.

This series will break down all these elements and leave you feeling:
Balanced with more energy;
Inspired by new obtainable tools to incorporate into your daily life; and
Safe and understood surrounded by fellow women looking to take their health into their own hands.

Each session will include:
An hour of discussion on the designated topic (Nutrition, Stress and Body Burden);
A packet of information on each topic
An hour of Yin Yoga designed to accompany each topic (yoga practice is accessible for all levels)
A supportive weekly group email to accompany the steps given at each session
Special codes to be used to schedule future individual sessions with Felicia

Take each session individually based on what you think you need the most ($45/session) – OR – take all 3 sessions for optimal results and support ($120 for all 3 sessions).

Part 1 – Stress (Saturday, 10/12 – 9:30-11:30am)

What is stress? How does it really affect our body and overall health? What can we do to manage our stress? What is self-care and why is it a necessity for us?
We’ll dive into all these questions and then move into our special Yin Yoga practice with Reiki (a sequence assessable to all yogi levels in which Felicia provides 5-10 minutes of Reiki to all students while settling into the poses).

Part 2 – Body Burden (Saturday, 10/26 – 9:30-11:30am)

What is body burden? Why does it matter what we put on our bodies? What ingredients should we be aware of while buying products? What can we do to eliminate body burden on daily basis?
We’ll address all these questions and then move into our Yin Yoga practice focused on detoxing the liver and kidney to support overall health (sequence assessable to all yogi levels).