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Tricky Transitions: Enhancing Your Vinyasa Practice
Date: Saturday, 2/29
Time: 12-3p
Price: $30
Description: Did you know that most yoga injuries happen through transitions? In yoga, and especially vinyasa yoga, alignment and transitions are so important to a healthy practice!
Join Vanessa for a three-hour workshop where we will break down yoga transitions such as chaturanga dandasana (high to low plank), upward dog to down dog, jumps forward and back, stepping through to lunges, and any other tricky transition students may request. Not only will you gain a better understanding of the transition, but you will also learn how to modify transitions for your body.
This workshop will include discussion, an all-level vinyasa practice, and a handout for reference and note-taking.
Location: Fire Studio- Light-heat
Level: Beginners to Intermediate