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2020 and Beyond
Infinite Possibility
Elements first Annual Vision Workshop
Hosted by Lisa LaBanc
Led by
Colleen Crawford
Professionally trained and experienced visionary and coach
and co-author of “The Will to Win”Join Us:
Saturday October 19, 2019 | 11AM-2PM
Interactive Vision training – See details below

Tuesday Oct 22 | 1100a-200p
BONUS Workshop
Create your Vision Board (materials included)

————————————— —

Does life happen to you? Or do You happen to Life? Do you live with passion and excitement or move one day to the next? Are you thinking about next years goals?
Why does the New Year always start off with a bang with strong intentions and resolutions, and then fizzle
out into the “same ole same oleʼ in 3-6 weeks?

Life does not have to be that way, there is a solution.
If you want this coming year to be different, if you want the following day to be different, then attend this interactive transformational workshop!

By investing just three to five intentional hours you can and will impact positive change for the next 365 plus days of your life.

In this workshop we will:
* Explore the What, How and Why it works! Vision, Visualization, Intention and NO Tension
* The science behind Vision and how to harness the Laws of Attraction
* Why humans tend to create the “same” results again and again, and how to break that cycle to create NEW Results
* Explore your passions and create a Vision for 2020 and Beyond
* The power of Affirmations and how to properly create and use them
* Discover the power and science behind Gratitude and the present moment
* How to control your stress levels thru scientifically proven innovative downregulation techniques
* Contemplate impactful goals and lean in to the power of accountability
* Walk away with a renewed sense of empowerment and
excitement in your life, a knowingness that your 2020 CAN AND WILL be different.

OCT 22nd

All materials included

My FREE gift to you as a Graduate of the VISION Workshop is a physical and FUN gathering with fellow students to create your own VISION Board.
To gain results through vision work and visualization a Vision Board is not mandatory, however I highly recommended it. A Vision Board is a tangible tool that will support your intentions, keep you focused on what you want, and increase your
ability to harness the laws of attraction. Plus, its FUN!
And for those that are on fire and wish to take on a 90 day “Goal Setting and Getting – Intense Accountability” IMPACT TRAINING, more information to come.
If so desired, you will need to attend a 4th hour for orientation and set up from 2-3PM on Saturday, October 19th.