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“Get Unstuck’ | Myofascial Workshop 

Stiff, stuck, tight, and wanting to feel some freedom? That freedom can be found through studying the connective tissue that is the framework for the structure of your entire physical body. In this workshop, you’ll gain an understanding of how this system works, and you’ll learn the tools to bring it back to a state of optimum health.

Commonly called myofascial release, this practice is an effective technique that complements all forms of movement. We’ll discuss the fascial system, its important functions, and how to treat it so it can serve you properly.

You’ll learn about common trigger points and release techniques, and upon registration, will be sent a workshop .pdf for creating a custom release practice specifically for your needs.

This practice will not include vinyasa flow, but common asana poses may be used as a way to reach specific areas of the body with our release tools. Workshop will include topic study and a review and demonstration of how to access the most common trigger points.

Bring with you: a yoga mat, a set of tennis balls, and a printout of your workshop handout (will be send to you upon registration) with your favorite pens/highlighters/markers to customize your handout and create your individual practice plan. Wear comfy clothes­ anything you would wear to practice yoga or go to the gym would be appropriate.

About your instructor: Melissa Klimo­-Major is a Cleveland­ based E­RYT, with over 500 hours of study in her career. She obtained her first 300 hour training in 2012 through Awaken Yoga, and completed an additional 300 hour Advanced Yoga Psychology course with Ashley Turner in 2017­18. She is currently pursuing education through Tiffany Cruikshank’s Yoga Medicineprogram, where she completed a dedicated myofascial release module in 2016.

Melissa’s mission is to make yoga accessible, and her desire to live freely on and off her mat inspires those around her to cultivate ownership of their own paths. Her style is approachable­ she balances a focus on alignment with the freedom of flow.

Date: Sunday, 3/31


Cost: $25 early registration $30 drop-in