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ENDO Warrior YIN
Are you suffering from Endometriosis (or believe you may be)?
Are you struggling with fatigue? Bloating? Daily pain?
Are you looking for tools to help you deal with these symptoms?
You might know the benefits of yoga and how it can help, but maybe your pain and/or fatigue is too much for a vinyasa flow.  Sometimes we need to slow down and tune in to what the body is telling us. That is where Yin Yoga enters our lives.
Yin is a beautiful practice in which simple seated poses are held for three to five minutes to get past the muscle and focus on strengthening and lengthening the joints, bones, ligaments and fascia. This is important for those of us with Endometriosis (Endo) as adhesions can begin to pull our organs together, giving us less space in our bodies.  Yin also focuses on the energy systems within the body, providing numerous benefits to all organs and creating more energy for us.
What you will be provided during this workshop:
  • A 60-minute Yin practice beginning in calming poses to relax the mind and body, then building up to allow the body to find its edge, and finally cascading down through meditation, detoxifying twists and savasana.
  • A journaling exercise at the beginning and end of class to start tracking how your body feels prior to and after practicing.
  • A take home sheet with poses you can use to reference at home during pain days.
  • A list of local references to find other tools to help you with your pain.
Date: Friday, March 15
Time: 630-800PM
Cost: $25
Note that if you sign-up for this event and Reiki Yin Fusion on 3/29, you will be given a 10% discount off of your enrollment total.