I chose Elements because, not only is it a beautiful Boutique Studio, but I love the concept that my mind and body are completely in tune with the 4 Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, & Air. I absolutely love the vibe and positive foundation that the Studio was built on, and try to practice that in my everyday life. Waking up each day with a positive outlook, gives me the opportunity to expand my dreams, enjoy my journey, and be in the “Element” that I want to be in each day. I’ve never felt more welcome and accepted in a studio, first as a member, but then gratefully as a Team Member of Elements Studios.
I think my instruction is unique because I like to choreograph to the beat of the music (**probably from my figure skating background), while keeping the workouts fun, and offering modifications when needed. Not every fitness level is the same, so I welcome any and all levels to my classes, and will help motivate them to accomplish a workout based on their own needs.

One word to describe my teaching style would be “Motivating”. I can only hope that I keep my workouts challenging enough for the advanced clientele, but also focusing on the beginner levels that are just starting out on their fitness journey. This will keep everyone motivated and inspired, and encourage each individual to set a goal they can attain. Not only do I motivate the members, but they also motivate me to put together the best possible classes that I can. Each person gives me my “Why” to do this everyday!

What inspires me most is helping people dream big, set goals, and accomplish them. There’s something very heartwarming as an Instructor, to see each person get stronger and stronger everyday, especially when they didn’t think they could do it. I love to believe in people, but love it even more when they start to believe in themselves. That in itself inspires me to be a better human in every area of my life.