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Tanja Ordorcic Bartulovic is a 200-hour certified vinyasa yoga instructor and level 1 reiki attuned.

Tanja received her training at Chagrin Yoga under Darcy Providente. “Yoga lifts me, challenges me and humbles me. It embodies fun, power and freedom all at the same time. It has enlightened me, helped me grow, cope and love on deeper levels beyond anything I ever imagined.”

In this ever busy world, we need something to ground us. Tanja’s classes are focused on “mind strengthening” while pushing limits to promote growth. “Flow with me, rise with me, fall with me, grow with me.”

Find out more about Tanja from her answers below:

Why Elements Studios?

I thrive in an environment where people empower me, support me and want to see me grow. This is Elements Studios.

What is your daytime gig? How does your yoga influence you in it?

Being a mother and a marketer are basically my full-time gigs. Whether it’s yoga, being a mom or at my daytime job, I use my creativity in everything I do. (Tanja is a senior marketing communications rep at Rockwell Automation.)

What inspires you?

Challenge. I have found that the moments in my life that have been the most challenging have brought me the most growth.