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Mary is currently enrolled in 200-hour teacher training with Yolanda Rosenthal-Green’s Awake to my Soul program.

Mary came to her first studio yoga class in 2014 knowing something needed to change in herself, feeling stagnant and bitter. She didn’t know what she would find would be a never ending spring of healing and growth. She started with the “basics” and quickly fell in love (and maybe a bit obsessed) with power vinyasa yoga. She hopes to develop a teaching style that is fun, empowering, and inspires a sense of community. As Mary completes her training through Awake to my Soul, she is looking forward to learning Reiki level 1, more about Ayurveda with Candace Koslen, breath work with Shaun Sterling, and experiencing traditional chanting at the Atma Center. Come grow with her!

Get to know more about Mary from her answers to the questions below:

Why Elements Studios?

Because home is not a physical structure but the people and beings you share space with and the people who make up Elements are my yoga home; the embodiment of the very essence of what yoga is meant to be. They are open, honest, real, loving, supportive, accepting, powerful, centered, intentional and free. Everything I need and more.

What inspires you?

People who face adversity. I don’t judge how you face it, so long as you take it on.

What scares you? (into greatness)

People who choose not to be open and to stop growing. My grandma was my role model of a woman who faced adversity and never stopped growing and lived with an open heart. As long as I live, she will be the queen of my heart.

What is your daytime gig? How does your yoga influence you in it?

I am an acute care physical therapist working for the Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center. I was drawn to physical therapy because, in essence, it is using the body’s own natural physiology to heal itself. I am drawn to yoga for its ability to heal the body, mind and spirit. My yoga practice helps me to be stronger in all these aspects so that I may be a better therapist for the people I serve. It has also helped me learn to be more present with people in crisis and more appreciative of the power of the mind and spirit over the physical body.