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Katie Buettner pursued her 200 RYT with Jan Hauenstein in 2010, and uses the following words to sum up her classes: Breath, Silence, Flow

My first yoga class was at Lights of Yoga in Chagrin Falls with Grace Sanson – Reiki master & certified aromatherapist in 2000. It was love at first class. Grace started each 90-minute class with a self-given foot massage, floor work, and then moved through standing, balancing, and inversions postures. I recall thinking how hard downward dog was as I was sweating, shaking trying to maintain the posture while she made the comment, “Downward dog is considered a resting pose.” “Really?!?!? No way!” was my thought. But I kept up with it, and returned every Thursday until the studio closed.

I found other studios and teachers that I could resonate with, and in 2010 I decided to pursue my 200 RYT with Jan Hauenstein. Since then I’ve taught yoga on and off, intertwined with raising my 2 little ones, and getting my teaching license (high school science – currently teaching physics & astronomy at NDCL).

The inspiration for my classes comes from Grace, so many years ago, Tiffany Cruikshank, Kathryn Budig, Dice Iida-Klein, and our very own MKM to name a few beautiful people.

Find out more about Katie from her answers to the questions below:

Why Elements Studios?

I began following Elements on Instgram after seeing it appear in posts of some people I follow. I used to work with Melissa Klimo-Major and Colleen Weidenkopf and enjoyed their energy.  After a little investigation (science teacher here), I figured out Erika Whites-Acquaviva had a hand in this operation and I had heard only good things about her. So, I decided to apply when I saw a call for instructors. I had been out of the yoga teaching field for a few years and missed it. This opportunity was the perfect storm—right people, right timing, right area, right vision.

What makes your instruction unique?

My teaching is unique, because I am unique. Life experiences, adventures, people I have met all influence me and my instruction. Even how my body feels and how I practice influence my instruction. I used to love hot, fiery yoga, stepping out completely drenched. Now, I enjoy a challenging flow with less external heat and more internal heat focused on posture, alignment and movement of my own body. I want my students to move focused on their own body, not exactly what I tell them, but to feel the posture and adjust to what makes them feel good.

What is your daytime gig? How does your yoga influence you in it?

I’m a physics teacher at Notre Dame Cathedral Latin. Teaching physics or science in general to high school students—wow! Being able to step back and not allow yourself to be reactive when something occurs is huge. Yoga helps me understand my students, for example, they may be acting out for some reason other than what it appears to be. And at times, when the going gets rough, reminding them and myself to breathe is extremely beneficial.