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I AM: Earth


Cassandra has a comprehensive background in Energy Medicine, Aromatherapy, Heath & Nutrition, Ayurvedic and Functional medicine, and of course, Y O G A! Despite her extensive study in modalities off the mat, she has found that the ultimate form of transformation and healing is an internal practice, which yoga helps you to achieve.

She has found through the process of asking herself tough questions, and self-reflecting on a deeper level, that the wound is where the light enters. She found Yoga as part of her healing journey, and realized that finding your mat can truly be a place of mind-body medicine. She views every class as a healing space for students to work through whatever is showing up for them in life; be it physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, and takes sheer pride in holding space for everyBody.

Her classes will make you go deeper within yourself, question and challenge your yourself mentally and physically, and help you to remember and illuminate the best parts of yourself. This is where you will find peace, surrender, release, and ultimately Self-love, and transformation.

Taking you through a creative Vinyasa flow while jamming to mood-matching, inspiring beats and guiding you through a self-reflection process, Cassandra will help you learn, evolve, awaken to your truth and find new perspectives both on and off the mat.

Find out more about Cassandra from her answers to the questions below:

Why Elements Studios?

The vibe at Elements! Energy can be felt. It’s not hard to see and feel that Elements has a really good energy and vibe about it. Not just in person, but through social media, too. The concept is stellar and the pool of powerhouse women coming together all to teach under the same roof creates an environment of empowerment, growth and kicking ass. I’m inspired!

If you had to succinctly sum up your teaching style, how would you? And why?

EMBODIED + SOULFUL. I’m all about leading people through a soulful experience on their mat, where they come back in touch with the feeling in their soul; a remembrance of who they are. I like to empower people, so by the end, they leave feeling embodied as a more true expression of themselves.

What scares you? (into greatness)

Becoming great and influential, like the women and leaders I look up to. I believe you need to surround yourself with the people you want to be like. Aspiring to be like them, but then realizing you’re paving that path for yourself, which stirs up crap loads of fear about truly stepping into your own power and into that role… but that’s what you’re here for!