What better month of the year to talk about the heart Chakra than February? Love is in the air. Some are grounded in Love, while others seek out that desire to love and be loved. When love comes as an ease and we freely give love to the universe, friends and family, our work passions or hobbies, the universe will open that space wider for more love to enter. How do we open our heart space for love or expand our hearts to be open to more love and more loving ways of interacting in our daily lives?

The answer, lies within and is simple: The way to open or tap into more love, is through a clear and selfless Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra (Anahata) is our 4th chakra, located just above the sternum, its element is air and emerald green represents the color. This is our love center. Before we dive into the minutia of this beautiful chakra, let’s take a deeper look at the chakras themselves and examine how they work their powerful influence on mind and body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “Wheel” or “Disk” and denotes a point of intersection where mind and body meet. Just like the lotus flower, chakras can be open or closed, dying or budding, dependent upon our state of consciousness within. The alignment of our chakras forms a vertical line in our bodies called “Sushumna.” This column is a central integrating channel for connecting the chakras and their various dimensions. Think of it as a superhighway on which our energies travel. Keeping this energy highway open and clear is paramount to allowing a calm flow of the chakra energies.

The Love we experience at the level of the Heart Chakra, is distinctly different from the more sexual and passionate love of the Sacral Chakra. Sexual love is object oriented, egotistical, and often based on the approval of the outside world rather than what our hearts truly desire. Heart Chakra love is not dependent on outside stimulation, or social status (love for money or status=low level suffering) Rather, the love from your heart chakra radiates warmth, ease, and joy. Those with an open Heart Chakra experience a level of joy and abundance of happiness that others seek but cannot find if their heart chakra is blocked or if love is coming from a place of ego, attachment to a desired outcome or out of need rather than desire for pure love.

So, how do we keep our Heart Chakra clear? Practice Meditation and Yoga, live a virtuous life, be a good human and give LOVE where love is needed.